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Score Board for Raukeen

Race:  Defel
Guilds:  Mercenary, Scientist, Jedi, Smuggler
Team:  Rebel
Date at 50/50:  December 19, 2007; HMed on April 21, 2008
Kills:  1260
Toughest Mob:  'Probably one I have not met yet, but Ikrit, Pane, and Mistryl Shadow Guard rank right up there'
Favorite skill:  Claw
Favorite planet:  Myrkr
Favorite item:  Any autoload
Role as a Mercenary:  Continue to aid the Rebellion against the Empire!
Quote:  'We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of dreams.'

Raukeen began his career as a Meleenium hauler for Vulca Minerals Corporation. Over the years, Vulca became sympathetic to the Empire and Raukeen came to appreciate the Rebellion. He set out as a freelance astrogator, piloting the known universe. The young Defel eventually became an expert and trained many new students in the ways of space flight. However, Raukeen found himself drawn to the force. Under the tutelage of Jedi Master Sighfigh, he rapidly learned the ways of the Force and became a Knight of the Republic. Raukeen served two tours of duty in the Army, in the Guardians of the Rebellion elite. Upon his retirement, he set out to study his passion - ethnozoology - on planets throughout the universe. Today, he is one of the top scientists in the field.

You squint though the shadows to look over the male Defel. Flecks of grey now dot the once jet black sheen. He has a scar over his left brow. A heavy ammunition belt is slung over a worn, brown leather jacket, which has a ragged Pilot Instructor patch on one sleeve. A holster is slung heavily on his hip, 'something big' concealed within. He peers back at you through the slit in his visor and grins broadly.

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