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Score Board for Kyran

Race:  Mon Calamari (Guppy)
Guilds:  Smuggler, Jedi, Bounty Hunter
Team:  Rebel
Date at 50/50:  Friday, May 28, 2004 [May 29th Aussie time]
Date suicided:  Monday, Nov 29, 2004
Kills:  N/A
Toughest mob:  Marka Ragnos
Favorite skill:  Provoke and Influence, they're fairly even
Favorite planet:  Korriban
Favorite item:  RFoS Crest
Role as a Smuggler:  'To lie, cheat, steal and turn the enemy against one another to achieve my desires.'
Quote:  'Friendship is more than having someone else’s back. It’s them having yours too.'

As you press the button the room suddenly becomes pitch black and you momentarily lose your sense of direction.


As you recover your bearings, the pounding of your heart and the sound of your deep breathing fills the room. You begin to wander around the room, looking for a sign of what is going on...


The room takes on a sparkling purple glow as an unseen figure ignites his lightsaber directly across the front of your throat. Before you can blink, the figure dances around you, keeping the tip of his lightsaber at your throat. Now standing straight in front of you, visible by the glow of the saber, you realize your attacker is the Mon Calamari to which this room tributes. You stare into his bright green eyes, awaiting the next move...


Without warning the figure moves, sweeping his lightsaber down at you with a blinding flash. You open your eyes to pitch black but feel quite fine. You hear the echoing boom of laughter fill the room followed by a recorded voice:

As an altered clone of Ryken, Kyran was created by New Republic scientists, designed for speed and power. Like his predecessor, Kyran is strong with the Force, but unlike Ryken, serves the Light Side, and also possesses the unorthodox skills of the Smuggler trade. Originally a humble Merchant, Kyran tried his arm at politics. But after successfully climbing his way to the top and leading the New Republic, a strong desire to take matters into his own hands forced Kyran to abandon his Diplomatic talent to follow the path of a Bounty Hunter. Also similarly to Ryken, Kyran joined an elite band of Rebel commandos, but neither has been seen on any mission together. Some say they dislike being around each other, and others believe they’re really the same person.


As the lights return, the gate rises allowing you to exit Kyran’s Hall of Fame tribute.

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