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Skywalker Part 1
By Kevin

Who is this man?

No! It Can't be!
It's impossible

Yet I feel-
I feel like-
No he can't be

He's the one
that killed my father

But still I feel
like I know him-
From a long time ago-
Like he is-
or was my father

Only time will tell

Skywalker Part 2

I think and ask
Is he my father

I get the answer I feared-
He is

How can this be though?
Why was I lied to?
Why did Ben keep this from me?
Most importantly-
Why did he turn?
Why did he betray Ben and his Family?
How was he turned?

I have to try to save him
To bring him back to the good side
Yes! I can, I have to.

Skywalker Part 3

Who am I?
Am I a Dark Jedi?
Light Jedi?

Who is this lying on the floor?

I do not know anymore
So long have I been covered in darkness

Yes! I know now.
I know what I must do

No longer am I a servant
No longer am I a Dark Jedi
I am a father and Light Jedi

I must destroy my former master
I must do this to save my son
If I die then I do not die in Darkness
If I live I live in the Light

I throw my former master into the abyss
I am dying
I take a final look at my son with my own eyes
Now I close my eyes for the last time

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