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Fido's Bad Poetry

By Fioodohrr, the Wookiee Sidekick

Death of Some Salesman

They were only doing their jobs
When I came in with my newly acquired
Blastech E-11 Blaster Rifle
And turned them all into
So much, somewhat decayed, flesh

Who then will tell their wives
That they met a grizzly fate
At the hands of an adolescent Wookiee
In Soleada's Regency Hotel
One night Late?

An Ode to Newbiway

Oh frumpled Spider-Elephant
How I deplore thee!
Let me pass beyond your swinging trunk
To silver bears and ruby rings

I have struck down
The wozzled Greybeard
And killed off Derk and Grunts and Geeks
But still I have to fight you
For measly credits,
Just one hundred thirty-three

Still sadly I will miss thee
When at level 5 I have achieved
The right to go out in the world
And blow up every living thing

And as I fight off Pcho, Shamer, Kimbak
And those other toughie mobs
My thoughts will be of pirates
And those dreary, darkened halls.

Flight of the Unskilled Smuggler

"A gunner I will need" said he
And my merc was level three
So I charged into his freighter
At the chance to shoot at flying things

So we preyed upon Z95's
And salvaged scrap on quick flyby's
And hyperspaced to worlds alive
With things to steal and folks to jive

But alas, to stop our fun
Woe fell upon this pair
For as Collin came from hyperspace...
He didn't see that planet there

Our shadows glue us down to our surroundings. Remove yourselves from your shadows.

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