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August 2007 Update

I've been very busy for the last few months, and thus I didn't make this update on time, and I don't have as much to update as I should. If you think of anything which should be added to this list, please let me know and I will add it.


Lift and throw no longer check the ambient light of a room to determine whether or not you can use the command. Plan accordingly.

Defel / Noghri

Claw and Stab no longer damages droids as much as they used to, since the metal exteriors can take more damage than flesh and blood beings.

Tantrum, Ichthus, and Liria were elevated from Applicant to Secretary.

No updates to report.

No updates to report.

Player Killing
No updates to report.

An rcost command was added to power taps to tell a player how much it will cost to recharge a gun. Non-mercenaries should be able to use this command also.

For those players who accidentally leave the Newbie Academy without meaning to, an entrance to the Newbie Academy has been added inside the S. S. Essess. It currently starts a player over from the beginning, though the eventual plan is to restart the player from the point at which s/he left the Academy.

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