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April 2006 Update

I've been a bit lax in getting this update done, so there are several things to mention:

The biggest news of this quarter is the addition of the Clawdite race!

Following a player who wimpies from a room has been changed.  In the past, if you followed a player into a room and that player wimpied from the room, you would attempt to leave the room as the leader wimpies. This has been corrected. You will now NO LONGER attempt to leave when the person you are following wimpies; you will stay in the room. Plan accordingly.

Assassin Guild:

HM Assassins can now change their weapon specialization after a 6-month period for a cost of 2M credits.

Diplomat Guild:

Diplomat passes no longer tear up into shreds when non-diplomats pick them up.

Jedi Guild:

When multiple uses of anger wear off, the message for the final anger has been altered slightly to indicate that anger is completely gone.

Farsight now has a 2 minute skill delay to prevent abuse of the skill.

Jedi above level 19 may now study a particular discipline of the Force to gain more control over it.

Mercenary Guild:

Mercenaries can now check the type of ammunition a blaster needs by wielding and typing ammotype.

Merchant Guild:

Merchant-personalized items can now be handed to other players to receive alterations. However, personalized items are still only usable by the individual to whom they are personalized.

Combine will now search your inventory for a full toolbox in case the first toolbox is not full.

Fling will now assume current attacker if not attacker is specified.

Slicer Guild:

The new command linehack -hacked will tell a slicer which line was most recently hacked.

Smuggler Guild:

More weapons are now stealable with advanced steal. However, higher-end weapons may be too hot to fence, so only the smuggler will be able to use them.  If you believe a particular weapon should fall under this guideline, please send the suggestion to the area's caretaker.

There is nothing new to report regarding the wizard staff, that I know of.

Rodia now has an office where a merchant can sell or buy condos for a normal fee. This office cannot be used to purchase new condos, however.

There is nothing new to report regarding quests.

Rebel and Imperial Team Purchases have been updated to include new options and changes in pricing.

Rebel and Imperial team bin commands have been updated. Check the bin help manual.

If you happen to get stuck as a ghost during the Death sequence, the newly added command callhelp should finish the sequence and reincarnate you.

A new gear command exists to show you all non-wielded, non-worn, non-autoloading items in your inventory.

Bank transfer messages should now include the donating player's name and amount when announcing a transfer to the transferee.

Finally, the web site now includes a new Rogues' Map, where players of SWmud may create profiles and post markers to show where in the world they are located. To add yourself to the map, please visit

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