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October 2005 Update

There weren't too many updates between June 2005 and October 2005. Here are the highlights:

Jedi skill changes:

Jedi sense has been modified so that when you are on a shuttle you can only sense the people who are on the planet where the shuttle is currently stopped.

Merchant skill changes:

Merchants now cannot combine belts or bags which contain items.

General skill or combat changes:

You cannot repair anything in darkness now.

There are now 'followed' and 'following' commands which tell you who is following you or who you are following you.

Congratulations to Willow for becoming a Senator in July! (Right after the last update, actually)
Congratulations to Morbius for making Ambassador rank!

There's nothing new to report regarding areas.

Willow created a new Halloween Quest regarding collecting Wizard Trading Cards. She said after the fact that this was to be the first year of an annual event.

Congratulations to Woth, who achieved the highest levels of 50/50!

Congratulations to Leah, who was awarded the status of HM for his assistance to Ivan in work on the new HM quest.

nickname ([nick]) will no longer remove a nickname. It now works like alias and will show the nick assigned.

The privacy feature of the Mickey Rukh Hat (quest item) will not block piloting messages anymore.

Toggles format was updated to show on or off.

Protocol (C3) droids now translate racial sayings to their owners.

The annual player vote occurred during August, as usual. Click for results.

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