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June 2005 Update

There were quite a few updates between March 2005 and June 2005, several of which were highly requested or useful. Here are most of the changes to take place:

The most major change to come out of the last several months was the ability to pick up a fourth guild if you achieve the minimum level requirement of 25/25/19. Some restrictions apply, so click the link above for more details.

Bounty Hunter skill changes:

Locator devices and flare tubes now run off of the 'hunter_tools' skill instead of the individual skills which they used to use.

Merchant skill changes:

Level 16 merchants can now purchase their own condos at a discount instead of having to go through another merchant.

Pilot skill changes:

The bays command from the bridge of ships now shows more information than before, including their status (open or closed), the ships that are inside them (if any), and the cargo capacity of each bay. Bays now have individual cargo capacities as well.

The bug where torpedos spawn within your own ship should now be fixed.

Slicer skill changes:

Ion shield delay was removed, but a full toolbox is now required for each success.

General skill or combat changes:

Pressing the button on the monofilament whip (improved) no longer removes the improve as it used to. Also, the syntax was changed slightly so that it doesn't accidentally get pressed when a player is trying to find a syntax within a room.

Wookiee intimidate and Jedi create fear now check to see that the victim DOES flee from the room somewhere, if at all possible, instead of running into a wall. Note that the ability to choose what direction you flee (wimpydir) and to perform an action when fleeing (wimpyaction) have been removed in these circumstances.

The droidscan command no longer requires a skill percentage to use.

Friendly potions are now blocked by acceptaid.

Also, syringes held by bodyguards and player-owned droids now display their contents.

Congratulations to Vretek and Adelaide for making Secretary!
On a sadder note, Khayyin has been officially retired. His areas have been turned over to Moff or Area for caretaking.

The new Soleada Park is now open!  Thanks go to Willow for this wonderful new area.

The entrance to the Crseih Labs has been moved. As always, its location is a secret. Any and all information relating to entering the labs is SECRET. This means that you have to find it yourself and your friends have to find it for themselves.

The first level of the Corellia University has been rewritten by Morgan. Drop by and flock your friends today!

No information this time around.

The blist command on Bounty Hunter devices now has page breaks in it.

The hps command now shows more information.

The addwho command for High Mortals has now been alphabetized.

A randnum command has been added. It allows players to have the server choose a random number for them and display it either publicly or privately. Players requested this feature so they had a randomized way to divy up extra equipment or cash when partying.

The checkmoney command for team donation bins will tell you how much money you or others have donated.

You can now merge toolboxes and medkits when the parts in the boxes equal more than the maximum amount, producing one full and one partial kit or box. This change has been highly sought after for years.

Sith and Jedi sponsor lists have been placed in their respective towers on Coruscant. The purpose of these lists is to help prospective Jedi apprentices/padawans find a Sith or Jedi sponsor. HM Jedi who are capable of sponsoring will automatically be listed, but they can choose to 'unregister' and hide their current availability. For more information, click here.

Willow wrote a very nice panic file on how to use the RN system. It should explain the basics to newcomers (and maybe a few people that have been around for a while).

And finally, congratulations to Keyse for being the first Human character to make the SWmud Hall of Fame!

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