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February 2005 Update

There are a few updates between October 2004 and February 2005. There were a lot of minor tweaks to skills that the wizards implemented, generally upon player request, but here are some of the more noticeable or highly requested changes that were implemented:

Overall combat-related changes:

The hps command now also reports the % of wimpy, not just the amount of hit points at which you will wimpy.  hps now also report whether you are under the effect of certain racial skills.

Assassin and Scientist skill change:

This affects assassins also - The syringe bug which attempted to inject once for every syringe currently in your inventory has been fixed.  As a result of this bug fix, an empty syringe at the top of your inventory will prevent you from being able to inject anything at all. Please plan accordingly.

Bounty Hunter updates:

Important Message from the Bounty Hunters Union:

Word has come in from some of our fellow hunters that the targets who must be taken alive are redoubling their efforts not to be brought in. You will need to weaken both their resolve and their bodies and shatter their spirits before capturing them.

Rigorous training programs for bounty hunters young and old are springing up across the galaxy. Should all go as planned, fledgling hunters and old timers alike should be better prepared to subdue their prey in the future. Seasoned veterans in particular are in higher demand than ever, as more jobs requiring their expertise in capturing live prey come flooding in.

Bonne chasse, fellow hunters.

---The Bounty Hunters Union---

Another Important Message from the Bounty Hunters Union:

The hunter training programs have been quite successful. All hunters should now be much better prepared to capture their targets. Due to the increased need for experienced hunters, the turnaround time for all hunters has been decreased and those laying their lives on the line will be appropriately compensated.

Please note that only newly manufactured shackles will be strong enough to meet with our current standards.

Keep up the good work,

---The Bounty Hunters Union---

Also, stuncuffs can now be put into bags if they have not yet been activated.

Diplomat skill changes:

The skill pacify now allows you to pacify monsters aggressive to opposite alignments, regardless of the diplomat's own alignment.

Bodyguards have some new abilities through the 'bgc' command, including telling you their wimpy settings.

Bodyguards will now drop their equipment on the ground before they leave the room when commanded to 'leave'.  However, equipment will still be dested if the room with the bodyguard resets - this cannot be fixed.

Bodyguards can now also be summoned while disabled.

Smuggler skill changes:

A new and improved 'smuggling' system has been inserted. The system involves obtaining a smuggling computer and checking the system for current interested buyers. Then you have to find a merchandise dealer who has the goods available, procure the items, and run the items to the buyer. This is a percentage based skill.

WIZARD Updates
Clyde was promoted to Councillor and has taken over as Head of PK. Congratulations!

Twist decided that she did not have enough time to devote to the mud and decided to leave. We wish her the best. She is still on the mud as her original character, Titania.

Jessica and Pixel have also returned to player status. We wish them the best also.

The surface of Wayland has been revamped and reopened. Mt. Tantiss is still under reconstruction at this time and is not currently available.

HM Scientists now have a toolkit quest which they can embark upon by seeking out the designer of the purifier and inquiring about the device.

Because of relatively recent changes to shop code so that certain shops only buy certain types of items (droids parts in droid shops, ship parts in ship shops, etc.), shopkeepers should now inform you through the value <item> command if they will or will not buy a particular object from you.

Level 0-3 players will not have to pay any extra fees for shuttles that arise from the HM Merchant hostile takeover skill. Normal shuttle fees will still apply.

Messages regarding being 'out of the shadows' are now colorized to be easier to notice.

The website now has an XML RSS feed for those with RSS aggregators who wish to keep track of mud and website updates.

A new polling system was implemented on the website. All past polls were inserted into the new system in November 2004, so dates of comments for old polls will be inaccurate.

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