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June 2004 Update

Major updates for March through June of 2004 are as follows:

Some important updates were made to the General and Shoutcurse rules. You are expected to read and abide by these rules for as long as you play on SWmud.

Scientist 'construct' and Slicer 'droid construct' delay timers were finally separated.

Merchant 'swindle' now works in conjunction with Smuggler 'disguise' on shops that would not normally sell to a player based on team alignment. 'Haggle' already functioned this way.

Scientist 'rig' was fixed to not rig your currently wielded weapon. The next viable weapon in your inventory will be used.

Jedi 'emat' now shows up in a player's tell history ('tellhist').

Merchant 'merchads' now have a -delete flag to remove a merchant's entire ad. This is useful just in case the ad will not load and needs to be removed (e.g. for being too long).

Holstered lightsabers will now autowield for non-Smuggler Jedi characters now. It was already working for Jedi who were also smugglers.

Smuggler cabbies have been updated so that they:  A) do not extort a player if the merchant who extorted them is not currently online,  B) should charge for droids and vehicles if the player is using a cab card,  and C) charge more to certain locations if you have a droid with you.

Congratulation to Amethyst for becoming a Senator!

Amethyst opened the first 6 stations of the new improved Newbie Academy. The new Academy is proposed to be 24 stations when completed. No date for completion has been estimated.

HM Merchant spec shops and their inventory are now listed in the Merchant Shop Area on Coruscant. Previously only the regular 'general store' type shops were listed.

The HM Merchant container quest is being checked by Area and Balance.
Work has begun on the HM Slicer slicertool quest.
Work continues on the HM quest.

Ivan has temporarily taken over clan duties and has begun requested clan additions.

Ivan changed the command-stacking code ('Wait.') to not destroy auto-loading items when a player is dested for inserting too many commands too fast.

Willow has colored many of the panic files on the mud.

The Player Council can now divorce players as well as marry them.

A 'pc' command was created in order to see the current list of Player Council members and whether or not they are online at any given time. This information can also still be found in the Senate Building on Coruscant.

'expcheck' has been changed to show a line in bold if you have enough experience to level in that guild at that time.

Optical implants will now 'view (target) (direction)' in ultraviolet environments.

Congratulations to Locutus and Kyran, who reached the highest levels of 50/50/19, and entered the Hall of Fame.

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