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June 2003 Update

There have been a few major changes since the last update, but more of them have been minor– player-requested ideas even. Here they are:

There are several new skills due to the Guild Skills updates, and (light) Jedi received a new skill called Focus.

Congratulations to Willow and Aerin, who were both promoted to Secretary status. Woo to Pixel, who is giving it a shot as an Applicant.

After quite a lot of work, rescure teams have managed to remove the debris from a cave-in, opening more of Ryloth to visitors of that charming, somewhat technologically-backwards planet.

On behalf of the Ryloth Tourist Council (read: Slave Traders Local #714), please feel free to visit and explore sunny, scenic Ryloth.

Ivan posted a statement about the new HM quest on June 6:
Things are going slowly but surely on the HM Quest. Praise goes out to the three of you who have not yet begun cursing my name. ;) I'm very close to starting testing (testers have already been selected) and hope to have things operational soon. Due to my irregular schedule I can't project an opening date, but please continue to be patient.

Hope everyone is mudding happily and with the spirit of brotherhood in their hearts. Hehehe...


There are no specific combat updates to mention.

Toolboxes were fixed so that they cannot be consolidated unless they have less than the maximum of 20 parts before consolidation. Also, boxes with 0 parts in them should automatically destruct now.

*Held* items are now no longer donated to bins when using the donate all command.

When you make a bank deposit, you should now see your new bank balance after the deposit.

A new command called term_settings is now available to the general population, to inform you of your current settings for the setenv command.

A new command called ignore_cabbie is now available to the general population, to stop the Smuggler cabbies from annoying you with prattle about their services.

Big congratulations go out to Gotha and Keyse, both of whom finished the new Jedi Master quest, Gotha in March and Keyse in May.

Congratulations to Deakon for achieving the highest levels possible of 50/50/19!

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