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November 2002 Update

Here's what's new these days:

The mud's new IP address is: port 6666 (formerly

The 'swap' skill was changed from being an assassin skill to a general public skill - If your primary guild is a combat guild (Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, or Jedi) then you get swap at level 15 (level 20 for primary Jedi, of course). Everyone else may use 'swap' at level 30, regardless of HM status.

Guild changes have finished for the Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, and Scientist guilds. The changes to Diplomat, Merchant, Slicer, and Smuggler have begun. The files for these guilds are updated as soon as possible after changes are made, but there may be inaccuracies at any given time, so take it with a grain of salt and be patient.

HM 45+ Light Jedi may now learn and train BOTH Project Image and Poison Resistance for Others, whereas previously they had to choose between one or the other.

Level 17+ Dark Jedi may now use the Light side skill 'Force Push', but with less success than light-siders will have. Alignment penalties still apply.

Blasters were changed so that they can be reloaded with ammunition when not being wielded. This change was made so that non-mercenary Scientists will be able to reload the weapons for rigging purposes, since empty blasters do not explode very well.

Congratulations to Khayyin, who was promoted to Senator and took on the role of Head of Guilds after he finished the first 4 guilds of the guild changes. He is also still Co-Head of PK.

Congratulations to Clyde, who snuck into Ambassador status without telling anyone about it. Clyde has been working as an HM assistant among other things.

Congratulations also to Amethyst and Titania, both of whom have been promoted to Secretary status and are beginning their Secretary projects. Amethyst is also working as an Area assistant.

And on a sadder note, Fyn decided to hang up her eyestalk warmers and venture back to real life, permanently. Be well, Lady Fyn.

New HM melee weapons have been added to the mud to give HM assassins more options for their new 'Specialization' skill. The locations of these weapons are secret, though some have been discovered.

The Hunt Club Lodge has opened for those who finished the PK quest. Find Grugnitch's brother and show proof you're in the club and he'll take you there.

The MIIF (Mlan Industrial Index Fund) closed its doors permanently after mismanagement of funds by Industry executives. A new entrepreneurial outfit is considering opening its doors on Berchest in the near future. This outfit will be known as BEETS (Berchest Entrepreneurial and Equity Trading Syndicate).

The Jedi Master reopened in early August.

Ivan posted that his estimates for opening the HM quest were a bit too optimistic and he has had some delays from his real life. There is no estimate for opening at this time.

Another PK week (this time unannounced) was held in mid-October to test changes in stun skills during PK battles. Stun skill usage against monsters was not changed. During PK fights, stun skills now only last 1 round, even if they typically last longer against monsters. It has not been decided if this change will be permanent, but it has not yet been removed.

The communication line for PKs was split into an Army PK line (pk) and a Navy PK line (navy).

There is a new panic file called the admin_faq, which deals with who the Admin are, what can they do, and how can you contact them.

Congratulations to Neeja, Vorath, and Jillo for all achieving the highest levels possible of 50/50/19!

Congratulations to Liria (yeah, that's me, the webmistress) for being the first to complete the newest version of the Jedi Master quest.

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