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July 2002 Update

It doesn't seem like as much has happened in the last few months, but here's some of it:

The biggest change in this time period is the addition of the Jedi Sponsor system, which requires a prospective Jedi to find a willing HM Jedi of the appropriate alignment who is willing and able to take the player as a padawan or apprentice until Jedi level 19. Players below Jedi level 19 will not be able to level in the Jedi guild without a sponsor. All other aspects of leveling in the Jedi guild are unchanged.

Guild changes have begun again, this time chosen and voted on solely by the wizard staff instead of getting a 'Guild Council' involved. Changes will be made in small chunks over time instead of all at once. Some have already been put into place.

Congratulations to Kess and Khayyin on their promotion to Councillor, March 14!

No new areas to speak of.

Ivan posted that he hopes to have the HM quest into testing by the end of June, and hopes to have it open for questors by the end of July, but NO guarantees so don't pester him. It'll open when it opens.

The Jedi Master quest is closed until further notice for cheating (again). Rumors are that it may be back up within a month or two.

The Training Centers have been relocated due to compromise of previous locations. If such a compromise should occur again, it is likely that much stricter measures will be taken regarding finding AND using the Training Center.

The biggest PK news is the separation of Assassin and Bounty Hunter points as part of the guild changes. Assassins must now do assassin jobs to gain assassin points, and Bounty Hunters must do bounties and subdues in order to get BH points.

Khayyin asked for thoughts on a new experience loss idea in the PK rn, but as yet no plans are being made to implement the ideas - they were only posted for consideration.

The wizards are working on new code which would allow non-diplomats to serve on the Player Council. More information on this later, when it becomes available.

The wizards created a new file called why_not which details some frequently made requests by players and why they have not and will not be implemented.

Panic secrets was updated to include consequences for leaking secrets.

Hagge created a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the Experience list, which also includes some common numbers, such as total exp necessary to achieve levels 19/19/19 and 50/50/19. (These numbers are not for the faint of heart!)

I've decided to add a monthly poll to the website. It changes at the beginning of each month. Make sure to check the current poll at least once a month! You can also look up past poll results.

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