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February 2002 Update

It doesn't seem like as much has happened in the last few months, but here's some of it:

The MUD's NEW IP address is now: (port 6666)

Mentos continues to work on version 2 of SWmud Space in his spare time. Some of the major changes he has mentioned that WILL be in the new version include:

  • markers on ships for space kills (like the 2 Death Star markers General Wedge Antilles has on his X-wing in the books),
  • changes in damage dealt by smaller versus larger ships,
  • changes in gathering experience at lower levels of pilot as versus higher levels,
  • and likely an entirely new type of vectoring system.

Other changes to the Space System are unknown at this time. There is no estimate as to when the new Space system will be complete for testing or implemented.

The wizards continue to tweak the new 'no-bounce' system to avoid players being stuck in rooms due to various factors. Currently it seems that players get stuck mostly when multiple players as a group are attacking one or more monsters.

The HM Jedi 35 skill Advanced Farsight was replaced with Advanced Retaliate for a number of reasons mostly related to PK or using it to cheat on quests or find secret areas. Farsight has also been changed so that non-PKers may not farsight PKers due to excessive complaint and as another means of alleviating non-PK interference in PK.

Congratulations to Clyde on his promotion to Secretary!

Shoppers at Kwenn Space Station have been turning over mysterious Business cards to the Station Authorities. Station Authorities have declined to comment on the nature or origin of the strange cards, mostly because their mouths were full of doughnut at the time.

A lek-piercing parlor for Twi'leks has opened for business on Ryloth recently.

Some quests have been reopened and some are still closed. Here's the listing: the newbie version of the First Aid quest and the Jedi Master are now reopened. The Jedi Teacher quest, the Mickey Rukh hat quest, and the High Mortal quest are still closed, and an unfortunate change of guild skills for merchants accidentally rendered the Container quest inoperable until it can be rewritten.

Ivan had to put the work on the new HM quest on hold for more pressing matters in real life, but might be able to return to the MUD sometime in March if all goes well.

Kess is in the process of rewriting the Mickey Rukh Hat quest.

The Jedi Master quest now has a level restriction on those who wish to complete it. See the Jedi Master file for details.

A new command exists for player killers: bodycount.

Team outcasts are now shown in > < on the Killers list.

Khayyin created an Army PK-only quest. You can get more details on it from a Bounty Hunter on Alderaan.

The wizards approved of an ran a PK PROMOTION period from Dec 19, 2001 until Jan 2, 2002. During this time period, players were allowed to sign and unsign the PK book with no penalty of death or level loss, no experience loss when dying a PK death, and no inflation of team death tolls. Players were expected to give feedback and current PKers were expected to help show newer PKers some of the ropes in the hopes that more people would try it and stick with it if given some instruction on SWmud PK tactics. While there were some naysayers of the attempt, overall most PKers considered it a success at getting people to at least TRY player-killing.

The next PK PROMOTION period will be March 10 through March 16, 2002.

The wizards created a new file called project_list which details the current projects being worked on by the entire wiz staff.

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