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March 2001 Update

Here are the most recent additions to SWmud:

Race languages were added to the mud. They are optional to use and Diplomats of appropriate level are able to learn other languages than their own.

The starting planet Coruscant was completely rewritten, with very little of the old planet left. The new planet is much bigger and better organized, with new facilities and places to visit. It also has a very excellent map system to help in navigating around the planet.

Planet Onderon was coded and added to the game. The planet has already earned the reputation of being very hard and challenging, but just what the higher levels were looking for. Onderon is an ancient Sith planet, so it has a lot of secrets and dangers to offer.

An additional area to Ryloth was added. The area is well hidden and only available to those who like to explore thoroughly. It is rumored that the area has a very special item in it that cannot be found anywhere else on the mud...

Over 40 new feelings/socials were added, with more in the plans. The total count of feelings is 394 at present. Dare to try them all?

Some changes to player killing were made, and they are still being tested by the player base. The most important change was the removal of old LR-droids and the introduction of 3 new pk droids in their place. So far the changes have been welcomed by all.

The Guild Council has been hard at work still, gathering ideas and thoughts about guild skills. The work is finally starting to pay off, as the Guild Council is nearing the end of its duties, and soon the changes and additions will be implemented.

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