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August 2001 Update

Here's the latest from the MUD since the last update:

Well, the huge news is that the Training Center entrances are back in. The wizards worked to make a system which can be easily and quickly changed to a new set of locations in case any players should decide to talk about where their entrances are located, SO DON'T TALK ABOUT IT, PLAYERS!

The shuttle 200 on Corellia, which used to land on the main dock, had to be rerouted to land on top of Corellia University due to heavy traffic patterns.

Xaar added a rather large expansion to the hospital on Corellia. It's also rumored that a Rebel base is secreted away there, but this hasn't been confirmed by Imperial Authorities... yet.

Cecil also added the Corellian Security (CorSec) building on Corellia. Congratulations on his making Ambassador-level Immortal.

Congratulations also go to Kess and Maxus, who have both passed their Applicant tests and are now Secretary-level Immortals, working on their respective Secretary projects. Can't wait to see those!

The MUD server changed locations when Zurk moved. It's now being hosted by Morgan on its own box in Florida.

We were partially underway with major changes to the guilds and skills, but a memory leak has put most of those plans on hold. I've tried to make the website as up to date as it can be, and let you know of what's in and what's not.

Liria is now updating the SWmud website.

As a result of the memory leak, aliases and nicknames on the MUD have been limited to 200 aliases (250 for player-killers), and 200 nicknames a piece.

The 2001 Player Poll results have been released.

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