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October 2000 Update

Today on "As the MUD Turns"...

The most important change has been the change of the mud to a new location. Zurk, our former Moff, is the new site admin. All the details involved with the move took a considerable amount of time, but everything is now working normally, mostly.

Several minor changes have been made to the Jedi guild, as usual.

A Guild Council consisting mostly of players was formed. The Guild Council will work on improving all the guilds and to bring better balance between all of them. The work will most likely take a few months to complete.

The completely rewritten Arena opened to the public and has been quite popular since.

The cargo system on ships was made more realistic and other long sought changes to space have been made.

After years in development, by nearly dozen coders, the planet Myrkr was finally finished and opened to the public, thanks to the hard work done by Skip. The planet is large and has many very interesting features. The hallucinogenic mushrooms and the swimming pool have been the weirdest, but most liked, additions.

A whole new event system was put in place. It involves wizards running all kinds of contests, games, quests and things for the players. Rewards are given in event points. A shop was coded on Coruscant where these points can be used to purchase special items. So far the events have been very popular as a nice change from endless hacking and slashing.

The Year 2000 Player Poll results were also released.

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