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May 2000 Update

As of May 2000, here's what's changed on SWmud:

After a lot of planning and testing, a new combat system was implemented to the mud. The purpose of the new combat was to equalize the various weapon classes more and make it more possible to fight high level monsters with only melee sabers, which was practically impossible before.

The player killing system went through a testing period, in which some items and things were changed for the purpose of seeing how PK would go then and what the players' viewpoints would be about it. More testing will happen sometime in the future.

The game of Sabacc was introduced to the mud. Already there have been talks of forming a Gamblers Anonymous for our addicted players.

The game of Capture the Flag was also introduced to the mud. It resembles closely the classical game familiar from the computer games and meant only as something fun to do.

The planet Sullust opened, adding some 600 rooms to the mud. Sullust has been designed mainly for the lower levels, but there are lot of useful items in there for the higher levels as well.

Along with Sullust, customizable and storable droids were also made available to the players.

A few more Jedi skills were coded, including the much-awaited skill compel.

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