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March 2000 Update

So, what else is new? Here it is:

With the arrival of the new millennium, SWmud was lucky enough to find a new home on a much better machine than before. The uptime was raised to 3 days & 3 hours, much to the joy of everybody.

Average player amounts have increased considerably. The amount of players has not gone below 20 at any time of the day for a long time. At peak times, 70-80 players on-line is more the norm than the exception anymore. According to the census, during one week around 300 people logged in, people who have advanced to levels 5/5/5 at the minimum.

Several updates, fixes, and additions were made to the three new guilds. On the average, about 10% of the players are members of the new guilds. With even more improvements coming along, this figure will hopefully rise.

A few changes were made to the Jedi guild, such as disarm, sense and jedi armor, to make them more useful.

A new area to Bespin was opened, once again continuing on the seemingly never-ending expansion of the planet. In fact, yet another addition is in the works already. Bespin can hardly be recognized anymore as the small planet it started out as.

Imperial and Rebel teams were given the chance to donate money for their team. This money will be used to expand the private team area on Coruscant. There is a long list of available choices for the team to buy, ranging from shops to capital docks. This will hopefully improve teamwork, as well as improve the facilities that the team has to offer to its members.

Clans received some improvements as well. The long-awaited clan aggression was implemented, along with other changes.

With the increased player base and subsequently increased player killer count, clans are more popular than ever.

With the celebrated return of Mentos, space has seen some much needed updates. There are additions or fixes nearly every day. Brand new commands, such as orbit and slingshot, have also been added.

Two medium-sized High Mortal areas were opened in, for the moment, secret locations. Quite a few players have already managed to find them however.

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