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September 1999 Update

Guess what's new!!

Three new guilds have been announced: Merchants, Slicers and Assassins! Much excitement is in the air as we await the new guilds to be fully implemented, now player creation will be tougher than ever! More on the new guilds soon!!

The player council is growing strong and now have voting booths around the mud to help in deciding player concerns. There is a mud-wide booth outside the Diplomat Guild hall, and one in each team room. Also, the Player Council is responsible for holding player meetings, getting input, and logging it so the coders can see what issues are on the players' minds.

A new Bounty Hunter area was added to Rodia. It's rumored to have all types of neat gadgets and can be very deadly. Only the most daring should try to enter!

The Barfly Quest has been added to the mud. It gives adventurers a chance to explore the mud and do a quest that puts them on a Barfly list in the Coruscant Bar. Then the Barflies are able to compete for the Master Barfly status each month by drinking at the bars around the MUD.

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