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June 1999 Update

More changes to SWmud. In this month's issue:

The Imperial training planet Carida was opened with lots of new and nice things. The planet also added over 500 rooms to the mud and plenty of exciting places to explore! Rebels should beware, though, as the Imperials might not look too favorably on them.

With the premiere of the new Star Wars movie, the mud has received a large boost to the player base. Several hours have been spent in trying to optimize the code to use less memory and CPU resources.

The annual Player Poll was held again. Click the link to see the results.

It is now possible to become a High Mortal without completing the quest. Current requirements are level 50 and a substantial amount of extra experience points. The system is being revised to add even more requirements, to encourage players to still try out the quest.

A few fun contests were held for the amusement of the players. Many players attended, enjoying the change of pace from endless killing and were awarded with some of the Mud's best equipment.

Continuing with the additions to planet Bespin, a special shop was added that sells all kinds of birthday stuff, starting from cakes to funny hats. What a perfect way to make a friend's birthday great!

Several new skills were added to aid the Player Council to enforce its rules. The Player Council has been growing and gaining a more firm status among the players. Council members have already taken care of several disputes and generally worked towards an enjoyable MUD for all.

Those players who have become High Mortals and completed a quest to become Jedi Masters, were given an auto-loading saber. The saber is powerless upon logging in, but its power can be increased by finding another saber and using its parts to enhance the Jedi Master's own saber.

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