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July 1998 Update

It's a beautiful day in the universe... Here's what's different:

The main village of Nystao was opened on the planet of Honoghr, with many interesting things to see. There are several pathways leading from the village of Kihm'bar to Nystao, most of them hidden, more or less. Nystao can also be accessed with ships.

Two new guilds were introduced to the mud: Bounty Hunters and Diplomats. The guilds opened without any guild skills, but around ten in each guild has been coded so far and work is in progress on the remaining skills. For a two week period players could switch their primary guild to either of the new guilds without any penalties. Quite a few players have chosen to try out the new guilds and have been mostly pleased.

Level 2N of the Death Star was reopened after being closed for a long time. Since the original level got deleted quite some time ago, the whole level had to be rewritten by using old maps as a guideline. The new 2N is very much similar to the old one, but with a few new places and secrets.

Data terminals were added below the Imperial and Rebel team rooms. In these data terminals players can store important information permanently, and they are only viewable by other team members.

All the Jedi skills (except compel) were finished, making Jedi the most diverse guild on the mud. With around 50 skills in the Jedi guild, the other guilds look quite pale in comparison.

Our new Head of Space, Mentos, has been busy making several fixes and changes to space. Perhaps the biggest addition was vehicle transport, where players can use different types of cargo ships to transport vehicles from planet to planet. With a little help from Scorch, the remaining HM pilot skills are also being coded.

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