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Administration FAQ

Who are the admins and how can I mail them?
The administrators are the wizards of senator and moff rank on the mud. A current list of them can be found under 'panic coders'. To mail them, address mail to 'senator' and 'moff', not to 'admin', which is a character/account used to make administrative posts.
Can the Head of [specialty] do whatever he/she wants?
No. The wizard responsible for a given department (Guild, Area, Balance, etc.) can make cosmetic changes and fix bugs as needed, but mud-wide changes and changes to the mudlib (addition of races, guilds, skills, major changes to combat, etc.) require a majority vote by the admins before such changes are implemented.
How can I know which admin is responsible for what?
The information can be found in 'panic coders'. Exactly what each position is responsible for can be found in 'panic wiz_jobs'.
I want to be a wizard. Who can sponsor me?
Only admins - senators and moffs - can sponsor new coders. More details about this can be found in the following files: new_coders, wizsponsor, coder_test
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