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Space Dangers

"Flying through space ain't like dustin' crops, Boy."

Space travel is dangerous. Stuff can shoot you down, you can fly into planets, misjudge distances -- basically, you can die in many different and exciting ways.

Through careful flying, knowing the capabilities of your ship and your crew, and generally using your head, every lethal situation can be avoided. It just takes a bit of thinking and a bit of luck. This document is devoted to things to keep in mind when travelling the galaxy.

Part One: If you don't move, it can't hurt you.
One of the most common ways people meet their maker (or the Grim Rodian) while in space is from one annoying feature of space. Two objects CAN occupy the same space. You can launch into another ship's position, hyperspace into it, or orbit into it. It can even happen on occasion with planets and space stations. When this happens, your scanner will show it. You'll see that you are at a distance of 0 from whatever you are going to collide with. There's no way around it: if you are at D=0, and you move with regular thrusters, you WILL crash. This is only for forward movement. Rotating and vectoring is perfectly safe. You can sit there all day, and as long as you do not change position, you will not die.


If the ship you are at D=0 from moves, there is a chance you will both explode. There are some safety precautions. If the ship is not able to shoot at you, and if you are not able to shoot at it, then you'll just 'thunk' into it with no damage done. Only if the ship is a valid target is there danger. Planets and other objects are ALWAYS dangerous.

"But how do I get out of this situation," you ask. There are three ways: land on something, orbit something, or hyperspace out of the way. Only standard movement will kill you. "But I'm within 2,000 distance of the planet, too far away to land and too far to orbit" you counter. Hyperspace may still be an option. Choose a hyperspace vector that is not facing the planet. If the planet is at vector 1 0 0 from you, hyperspace to the system that is at -1 0 0 from you. If that's not an option, try the other directions. The vectors 0 0 1, 0 0 -1, -1 0 0, 0 1 0, and 0 -1 0 should also be possible. If they are not, then still: don't move.

Ask if anyone on your team has a ship with a bay that they'll let you land in. You can relaunch and be safe from there. If you feel skilled enough to do it, shoot down the other ship. Once it's destroyed, you can move with impunity.

If that is not possible, then ask a wiz for help. They will be able to help too. Or, simply quit out. You may lose the ship and what you're carrying, but it's better than dying. It would be possible then to either hitch a ride with another ship to recover it. Don't have security devices? There is a way to circumvent that, too.

In summary, the D=0 feature of the space system is the most common cause for unintentional space death. Follow the suggestions above and you should be safe. The next part will discuss preventative measures you can take to minimize your losses when they happen.

Part Two: Be prepared to die, because it's likely you will.
The minute that you launch into space, you are at risk. If your ship explodes, ask yourself: "What will I lose?" Then ask yourself: "What can I do to prevent that loss?". Before you go into space, make sure that you are carrying a minimum of cash. There are bank branches throughout the galaxy – use them. If you are about to level, perhaps level before launching. If you launch into space with anything of value, you must work to ensure that you fly safely. Whether it's rare personal equipment or an expensive Sluissi ship in your bay, if you value it – don't take chances. Remember, Sluissi Contracts only cover a ship that is directly involved in the action that causes it's death. If it is in the bay of the ship, it is technically cargo and therefore not covered by the contract. Keep that in mind when flying with one in your ship's bay.

All that said, space is a fun place to be, if you're into it. But it is unforgiving. Fly smart, and you'll be fine. But be prepared to take the consequences of your actions.

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