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About the SWmud Space System

SWmud is unique for its space system.

Here you can fly ships, launch and land them from planets, kill monster ships for experience and salvage their debris for credits. The space system is three-dimensional, similar to a cartesian coordinate system. You can see other objects in space by their distance and position relative to you in x,y,z coordinates.

The space used for SWmud's Universe is not complicated at all. It is simple 3-D space mentioned in all of your Algebra-II courses. At all times, you are at the center of your own little universe, for when you scan, you find objects relevant to your position, and not a central point. There are two terms related to your movement in space: vector and speed.

Vector is a 3-D vector from your center to the center of another object in space. Speed is just a whole number from 0 to the maximum speed of the ship.

Changing the direction of the ship is easy. All you need to do is vector (x) (y) (z). You may get this vector from the scan you may do while on-board the ship.

A few basic commands to learn how to fly are:

scan to see the positions of other ships, or planets, relative to you.
vector to change directions
speed to speed up or slow down
land to land on a planet, landable ship, or space object.
launch to launch from a dock

You should probably practice flying around for a while to get used to the vector system and to learn how to avoid crashing into planets and other ships before attempting to go into space combat. The Newbie Pilot file will show you a walk-through of launching, moving, and landing a ship.

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