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Sluissi ship rules

First: Any ship that is left unlocked by its owner will be exempt from these rules. If you do not protect your property, we're not responsible for it being stolen.

The term 'pk' in this document refers only to Army.

  1. Sluissi ships are protected from theft in the following situations:
    1. If the owner is not pk and is currently online.
    2. If the owner is pk, is currently online, and if the ship thief is non-pk.
  2. Sluissi ships are not protected from theft in the following situations:
    1. If the owner is pk and online and the thief is pk and in range. This is a valid theft. Standard PK level rectrictions still apply.
    2. If the owner of the ship has logged off but has not stored the ship. Any ship that the owner does not protect their ship is exempt from any and all reimbursements.
    3. The owner of the ship left it unlocked.

Understand that any breaking of these five, simple guidelines will be dealt with severely. Punishment may include, but is not limited to loss of sluissi ships in storage, zeroing of skill percentages that are in any way related to the infraction, complete loss of the privledge to own sluissi ships, or any combination of the above.

Remember, these rules are a guideline. Any playing in the "gray area" WILL NOT be tolerated. If you attempt to see how far you can bend these rules with a myriad of "what ifs", you risk any of the actions listed in the previous paragraph. You have been warned.

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