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Piloting Shell and Ship Control

First, to control a ship effectively you must be in the Pilot guild (or Smuggler guild if you only want to pilot freighters).

Second, you must be high enough level in the guild to control the ship you are attempting to control.

The ships run with a sub-shell, allowing much less memory hogging, and much faster (in terms of CPU usage) running. It also allows a wide variety of shortcuts, and removes the ability for people to make repeating aliases, giving them an unfair advantage.

To begin the subshell, just type start when on the bridge or in the turret. This will give you a ] prompt from which you will input your commands to the bridge or turret. Within the shell you may type help, ~h, or list to get a list of commands, and a brief explanation. You can also panic each of the commands. To leave the subshell, type exit.

The use of ! is very useful. It allows you to perfrom commands outside the shell. For example, !say hi will make you say hi to anyone in the room with you, where say hi will not work in the shell.

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