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Refueling ship commands

You can refuel your ship two ways:

Syntax at a docking bay: refuel (amount)
Syntax in space: distress (amount)

distress 200 will put 200 units of fuel in your ship.
You may also use the amount all to refuel your ship up to full fuel capacity.

Refueling costs: (amount / 50) credits
Refueling in distress costs: (amount) credits

The distress call is used if you become stranded without fuel. When you call for a distress ship, your ship will be refueled, and your bank account will be charged for the fuel usage. The cost for fuel is 1 credit per unit of fuel. This is an expensive way to fuel your ship on a regular basis, but may be necessary in systems with low resources where the prices may be even higher.

NOTE: The Guide suggests you always keep some money in the bank to cover the cost of refueling.

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