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Sluissi Ship Recovery Contracts

If you have the title to a ship, you may purchase ship recovery contracts for that ship. These contracts are on the ship and not attached to your name at all, so be careful with the titles. The contract will summon a ship rescue unit when your ship explodes. The rescue unit will transport your ship (what's left of it) to the Sluis Van Shipyards. You will keep the title of any ship that you have contracts on over a death, so that you can go back to the Shipyards, repair your ship, and be off again. Each contract is a one-time use, but you may buy any number of them. Also note, the recovery units can just barely put the most basic skeleton of your ship together before you arrive to finish repairs. Your ship will likely not have functional weapons, shields, scanners, hyperdrives, etc.

To purchase ship recovery contracts, go west from the main dock on the second level of the Sluis Van Shipyards. This room is also where you will turn in recovery contracts to retrieve a destroyed ship.

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