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Orbiting commands

Syntax: orbit (object)
then either : orbit (vector) or slingshot (hyperspace destination)

Orbit is available to any pilot or smuggler who is flying and is in the command shell of the bridge. In order to use the skill, the ship must be within a distance of 200 from the planet to be orbited. There is no speed limitation, as with landing.

Once the planet's orbital control acknowledges the request to orbit, it will ask the pilot/smuggler to specify an orbital maneuver to perform. There are currently two options: orbit (vector) and slingshot (hyperspace destination).

The orbit option will bring the craft into planetary orbit until reaching the proper vector. When leaving orbit, the ship's initial speed will be maintained.

The slingshot option is a bit different. By specifying a valid hyperspace choice, the ship will enter into orbit until reaching the appropriate hyperspace lane. If the pilot/smuggler has the hyperspace skill, the hyperspace jump will be automatically begun. As with standard orbiting, ship speed will be maintained. (NOTE: You will not be able to use the slingshot command until you have successfully hyperspaced enough to be above 0% hyperspace skill.)

The orbital control staff is unable to vector any ships to non-published hyperspace lanes. Consult your hyperspace map for valid slingshot targets.

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