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Examples of SWmud Orbital Manuevers

1. Standard Orbital Maneuver

Bob the Jawa Pilot is approaching Corellia to visit his friend, Joe the construction worker. Joe hasn't been feeling well, so Bob is bringing him a present of Kroyie steaks from Kashyyyk. As he comes in for a landing, Bob realized he forgot to pick up some of Auntie Gonk's Special Steak Sauce™ from Bespin. Since Bob knows the best route to get to bespin from Corellia is travel via Kessel to Bespin, he radios Orbital Control to request an orbit around the planet. To do this, Bob must first issue the command:

Speed: 0] orbit corellia

when within a distance of 200 from the planet. Orbital control will then acknowledge his request and prompt Bob for what he would like to do.

Bob, wanting to go to the other side of the planet, knows that the proper launch vector is 1 0 0, so he replies:

Speed: 0] orbit 1 0 0

to the request. After a peaceful float around the planet, Bob will emerge from orbit at vector 1 0 0 on the proper side of the planet. He's still chugging along at a breakneck speed of 15 (Bob's a speed demon) and is safe to hyperspace off to finish his quest for the best steak sauce in the galaxy.

2. Slingshot orbital maneuver

Spanky the Ewok Smuggler also needs some of Auntie Gonk's Special Steak Sauce™. However, Spanky is kind of forgetful. He knows that there is a hyperspace lane from Tatooine to Bespin but for the life of him, he can't remember which direction.

Luckily for him, the Orbital Control staff of Tatooine keeps accurate records of the hyperspace lanes in their system. Spanky, when his freighter gets within 200 of the planet can request to:

Speed: 0] orbit tatooine

and when his request is FINALLY acknowledged by orbital control (they're kinda slow out in the backwaters of space), he can request to:

Speed: 0] slingshot bespin

to orbit the planet and automatically start the hyperspace sequence.

This panic file was brought to you by the makers of Auntie Gonk's Special Steak Sauce™, the best steak sauce this side of the Korriban.

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