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Escape Pods

Theoretically, any room on a ship may have an escape pod. The decision of their placements is decided upon when the hull is designed. Each room that has pod capabilities has two commands asociated with them: check and eject.

Since pods are normally hidden away in a storage area, they are not visible. To see if a room still has its pod, type check. To activate the pod, you must be out of all shells, including turret/bridge shell, mail shell, etc. By typing eject in the room, you will automatically be moved into the pod and launched.

Each pod is only a one-person ship, with no hyperspace capabilities, and no launching capabilities. Therefore, once you land somehwere, the pod is basically spent. At this time, pods do not have the ability to fly themselves, thus you must be at least a level 1 pilot in order to use them. Anyone can eject, but you must still fly it to safety. Expect auto-flying capabilities sometime in the future.

If you use an escape pod and the mothership survives, you can install replacement pods at the Sluis Van Shipyards.

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