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Bridge Commands

Command: Description:
activate field Activates interdiction field
auto Toggles the auto-scan sequence
bsc, bscan Brief scan
cloak / decloak Cloak or decloak the ship
connect (ship) Connects you with a nearby ship (see decrypt2)
deactivate field Deactivates interdiction field
decrypt (ship) Attempts to break open the lock on a capital ships ship bay
decrypt2 (ship) Needed before connecting with a ship
distress (amount) Calls a distress ship (in-space refueling)
exit Leave the shell / ship
f, fire Fire at ships set for targeting
h,~h, help, list Gives you a help list like this list
hyp (system) Hyperspace to other systems
info Gives a full information report
jettison Jettisons stuff from the hold of a ship
land (where) Lands the ship
launch Launches the ship
lk, lock (ship) Lock tractor beam onto designated ship
lockring Re-initializes connection ring security protocols
players (ship) Shows you who, if anyone, is aboard another ship
name_ship (name) Names your ship
r, radio (message) Use intra-system communications
refuel (amount) Refuels your ship (when landed)
release Releases tractor beam
rep, report Gives you a damage report
restock (number) Restocks ship missiles
salvage (debris) Salvage (debris) from destroyed ships
sc, scan (what) Scan system with optional parameter
sh, shoot Launch a missile at ship targeted
SO Safety override, for auto-emergency stopping upon link-death
sp, speed (amount) Change speed by amount
start Start the bridge sub-shell (see shell)
s, status Gives you a status readout
stop Emergency stop of ship (lev 7 pilot and level 13 smuggler)
tar, target (ship) Target ships for firing
title Get a proof of ownership for your ship
trigger Toggles fast trigger on | off (HM skill)
unlockring Deactivates connection ring security protocols
v, vector (x) (y) (z) Changes your vector to the x,y,z vector
view [object] Viewscreen: look at the system, or an object in it

Auto-Stop is available. For information see speed and autopilot.

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