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How to use the autopilot features

When a ship is in space, it can crash into objects (planets, ships etc.). So it is important that a pilot use auto-pilot when flying. Using auto-pilot stops the ship after the duration you have set. The different commands involved in auto-piloting are:

ap (duration) manually sets the autopilot. Example:
Speed: 0] ap 10
Autopilot set to 10.
Speed: 0] {10}

a (accelerate speed) (duration) sets the autopilot while the player is accelerating the ship. Example:
Speed: 0] a 32 10
Autopilot set to 10.
Speed adjusted by: 32
Speed: 32] {10}

This means that you will travel a distance of 32 for 10 ticks, thus traveling a total distance of 320. You can also substitute sp 32 10 to set your accelerate speed and auto-pilot ticks.

ap -(duration) completely removes the autopilot that is set. Example:
Speed: 16] {10} ap -10
Autopilot set to -10.
Speed: 16]

This means you will travel indefinitely at a speed of 16 distance per tick.

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