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Ithorian racial skills: Cultivate and Strengthen

Syntax: cultivate (gather | plant | harvest) [seed-type]

Ithorians can cultivate a variety of different types of plants to produce seeds of different varieties. Common seeds include healing, antidote, and anti-drug varieties. An Ithorian must first gather or purchase seeds, plant them in a suitable environment, and finally harvest the resulting crop. The produce may be given to others for their own use.

Please note that Ithorians gain experience points from every facet of this skill - gathering, planting, harvesting and consuming the grown plants. Also note that not every environment is suitable for finding or growing seeds.

Syntax: strengthen (player)

Ithorians can use their willpower to temporarily strengthen another player, boosting that player's resistance to damage. The person they strenghten must be in combat. If the intended target of strengthening is in a pk fight, the Ithorian must be attackable by the target's aggressor.

NOTE: Ithorians cannot strengthen themselves, other Ithorians, or those of the opposite alignment.

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