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Falleen racial skills: Baffle and Charm

Syntax: baffle (target)

This skill allows a Falleen to so confuse his or her victim that the victim will likely injure himself instead of the Falleen.

NOTE: If the killing blow is caused by the baffled monster hitting itself, you receive no experience points for the kill.

Syntax: charm (target)

Falleen can emit certain pheromones which humans and near-humans find entrancing – so entrancing that the afflicted person will follow the Falleen for a short while.

NOTE: There is a possibility of emitting the wrong pheromone and enraging the target.

WARNING: It is ILLEGAL to use this skill in any way so as to endanger another player in a situation resulting in a monster death, i.e. you can't lead another player into a trap with a monster.

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