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Bimm racial skills: Bsing and Shoptalk

Syntax: bsing

A Bimm can use his or her finely honed voice to sing an entrancing melody which temporarily breaks the concentration of those around the Bimm, most notably affecting the victim's ability to hit accurately.

Other Bimms are generally immune to the effects of such singing.

Syntax: shoptalk (item-type)

This skill allows a Bimm to 'talk shop' with a general-merchandise shopkeeper and attempt to persuade the shopkeeper to check his/her inventory to see if an item of (item-type) might have been overlooked and make the item available in the shop's inventory.

Available items types are: weapon, armor, supply [i.e. medkits, flashlights, toolboxes], and miscellaneous. Items will always be normal items that you could find in standard shops.

Individual shopkeepers can only be chatted up every 15 minutes. Extremely bad attempts to talk shop with a shopkeeper have been known to enrage the shopkeeper enough for him to close up shop for a while.

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