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Special Notes on Ithorian Players

Ithorians are a radical departure from the other races available on SWmud, and as such, have additional notes concerning playing an Ithorian character. Please read these carefully.

Ithorians are very peace-loving, and as such, have alternate methods to acquire experience which reflect this peace-loving nature. The important differences are listed below:

  • Ithorians will inflict *significantly* reduced damage in PK (player killing) - Ithorians are unlikely to ever kill anyone in PK, so plan accordingly. While Ithorian players can be bounty hunters or assassins, it is strongly discouraged.
  • Ithorians will inflict reduced damage in combat which the Ithorian has initiated. If the monster attacks the Ithorian to initiate combat, the damage the Ithorian inflicts will be normal.
  • Ithorians gain additional experience when healing (both themselves and others) with medkits.
  • Ithorians gain experience through all phases of cultivating useful plants - gathering, planting and harvesting and even from making patches.
  • Ithorians gain experience through the successful use of their strengthen skill (which can only be used on other, non-Ithorians).

These changes should make playing Ithorians rather different from the other races. Players selecting an Ithorian will have a very difficult time advancing if they do not work as part of a team with other players.

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