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Starting on SWmud - Building your character

Here are some simple instuctions for getting your character started here.

When you first log in you should end up in the "small box of both infinite and no dimensions." This is the place to set your race and attributes.

First, read over the help file on races and the races you can choose from. Looking at guild info may also be a good idea at this time to match your race and guild selection.

Then, pick (Race). Notice that the race's name must be capitalized.

Once you pick a race, you need to set up your attributes. Your starting attributes will be determined by the race you chose. You may add (amount) (attr) to these to set up your attributes. To take away points, add a negative number, e.g. add -2 for will take 2 points out of your force attribute.

The help file on attributes should give you all the information you need. Again, knowing what guilds you are going to pursue will help you determine your attributes, and might also affect your choice of race.

Once you have built your character, you will be in Newbie School, where you will learn many basic commands on the MUD. You can skip the Newbie School if you wish, but you will want to read the welcome files, newbie information, and SWmud rules to help get you started playing the game. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Good luck, and have fun!

– The SWmud Management

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