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Color meaning on the WHO list

If you have ANSI on, the who and swho lists will be available to you in full color. But what do the different colors mean? Why are some people different colors than others? A character's color on the list is determined by its primary guild. The exceptions to this are Immortals, High Mortals, and newbies, in which case their special status overrides their primary guild's color.

Assassins are in red.
Bounty Hunters are in cyan.
Diplomats are in orange.
High Mortals are in bold cyan.
Immortals are in white or bold white.
Mercenaries are in bold magenta.
Merchants are in green.
Newbies are in bold blue.
Pilots are in bold green.
Scientists are in yellow.
Slicers are in magenta.
Smugglers are in bold red.

For those players who can count, the only guild not listed here is Jedi. Since one cannot be a primary Jedi without being High Mortal as well, therefore all primary Jedi are in the bold cyan of High Mortals.

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