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Imperial Syndicate

Originally a misfit group of mercenaries, smugglers, bounty hunters, and pilots, the Imperial Syndicate was founded by Grand Admiral Thrawn himself. Thrawn realized that a group of semi-legal citizens directly under his control would provide more knowledge about galactic activities than even Vader's own network of spies and probe droids. When Thrawn found the group, they were unorganized soldiers of fortune making their living off the backwater worlds on the fringes of the Empire. Instead of turning the group in to local and galactic authorities, he chose instead to put them through his own unique training methods.

In a few short months, the Imperial Syndicate emerged an elite group that would conduct operations in the name of the Empire against Rebellion and other anti-Imperial forces. Although they were trained in Imperial methods and would successfully serve the Empire, they always considered themselves outside the mainstream conformity of the Imperial Army. Grand Admiral Thrawn called upon the Syndicate when discretion was needed and the most shady of tactics were necessary. Their leader, Ajax, continues the fight of Grand Admiral Thrawn, leading the Syndicate to victory; all in the name of the Empire, and all outside the Empire's control.

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