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A guide to role-playing

Though role-playing is not required (there are no IC or OOC channels in SWmud), you can still choose to role-play your character. Here are some simple guidelines to roleplaying on SWmud:

  • Use emotes. Avoid using say or feelings as much as possible. Simply because with emotes you can express more at once.
  • Do all the things you want to do in one emote, instead of using several says and feelings for example.
    • Do not emote:
      Feor smiles happily
      Feor says: So nice to be here!
      Feor hugs Bob.
      Feor says: I am so glad to see you!
    • Instead, emote:
      Feor smiles happily and says, 'So nice to be here!' She walks over to Bob and gives him a tight hug. Looking at him, Feor says, 'I am so glad to see you!'
  • In your emotes, when you say or do something, make sure it is clear who you are speaking to or doing the action to.
  • Remember to give other people a chance to emote. After you have emoted, wait for others to emote, before you emote again.
  • Do not make close emotes, where you force another person to do something.
    • Do not do:
      Feor walks to Bob and compels him to dance.
    • Instead do:
      Feor walks to Bob and tries to compel him to dance.

Now it is up to Bob whether your compel attempt will succeed or not.

Live and be your character. Know its powers and weaknesses. Nobody is a superman. For example, if a higher level Jedi tries to compel you, you would probably have a hard time resisting it.

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