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Rebel Front Of Soleada

Times were dark for the Alliance. Outgunned by the Empire, the necessity to even the odds required new methods for conducting successful operations. Methods based not on direct battle with the superior forces of the Imperial Army and Navy, but on the philosophies of stealth, surprise, and speed. To inflict as much wanton destruction upon the Empire by any means necessary became the order of the day. With this affirmation, came the realization that in order to conduct such missions a select breed of warriors would be required. Not your average soldiers by any means, these were drawn from the depths of the galactic underworld- bounty hunters, assassins, mercenaries, smugglers, rogue Jedi Knights- most with only two things in common: hatred of the Empire and an insatiable lust for the thrill of combat.

Against the standing orders of Alliance Command, the respected jawa diplomat Jillo and two officers from the Alliance Special Operations Group scoured the fringes of the galaxy for those who met their standards and shared their contempt for the Empire. Secretly, and more often than not criminally funded, the new strike team organized and infiltrated the planet Soleada- a central hub for galactic tourism and commerce. Due to its vital role in galactic trade, the small planet found itself in a state of virtual lockdown by the Empire's military. It would be the team's initial goal to eradicate this presence and blow the system's lines of communications wide open for exploitation by the Rebellion. Calling themselves the Rebel Front of Soleada they immediately sprung to action and found success beyond even their own steep expectations.

Still known to this day as RFoS, the tiny, elite strike team has expanded its capability and area of operations to conduct limitless strikes against the very heart of the Empire- to wreak havoc upon the Emperor and his minions without notice- without mercy.

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