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Marriage on SWmud

The institution of marriage exists here on Star Wars. Any two people may be joined in marriage simply by asking a wiz or player council member to perform the ceremony. Marriage between players of the same gender is allowed and not frowned upon.

The ceremony may be tailored to fit your desires. When tailoring the content of the ceremony, please feel free to consult the "priest". They will be happy to assist in the planning and scheduling, as well as setting the tone of the ceremony itself.

Weddings are usually open to a mud-wide audience, but this too can be altered to the tastes of the couple.

Players who are mudmarried can share condos, and HM spouses may share each other's HM homes. (A non-HM player cannot enter their spouse's HM home without invitation.) Married couples also get a "HONEY" line to communicate with each other privately without using social points. Married players are also notified when their spouse arrives on and leaves the mud.

Divorce on SWmud

To obtain a divorce, both parties need to be logged on, and you may ask a Player Council member to perform the divorce. If one party has suicided their character, you would then need to seek a wizard of Senator designation or higher to divorce the remaining party.

Divorces are also available, for a fee, from the Law Offices on Corellia.

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