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SWmud Internal Mail System

SWmud has an internal mail system that can be used to send mail to other players and immortals. This help file will give a brief overview of the basic functions of this mail system. More information can be obtained by typing ? while in the mail shell.

Reading mail
If you have unread mail while you log on to the mud, you will be notified of the number of unread mails you have in your mailbox. Also, if someone sends you mail while you are online, you will get a notification of this. Reading mail is quite easy, you just type mail to enter the mail editing shell.

If you open the mail shell like this, you will be given a list of headers of all the mails in your mailbox, the unread ones being marked as (new). To read the first unread mail, you can just hit enter. You can just keep doing so until you have read all unread mails.

If you want to read/reread a specific mail, just look at the number it has in your box (shown before the header) and type that number. After reading your mail you need to close the mail shell, you do this by typing q or Q (the difference between them to be explained later).

Sending mail
Sending mail can be done in two ways:

  1. While in the mail shell, by typing m (recipient).
  2. By typing mail (recipient) while not in a shell.

Both these ways will put you into edit for a mail to (recipient). You will then be prompted for a subject, just enter the subject and hit enter. Then you will be put in the mail body edit. Just type your message and close it with a period (.) on a new, empty line. At this point you can also abort the mail by typing ~q. (Caution: some clients, like zMud, use the ~ character for other operations, and this must be turned off in their options or preferences before the command will work. Sometimes you can use two tildes (~~q) to get around this.)

After closing the mail body, you will be prompted for cc's (carbon copies). You can either give the names of people who will receive a copy, or you can just hit enter. With that, the mail will be sent and you will either be back in mail shell (if you used 1) to start the mail, or outside any shell, if you used 2).

Remember that (recipient) can also be a list of recipients. For example: mail empy vader will send the mail to Empy and Vader. The same goes for the cc: if you type luke leia when prompted, Luke and Leia will receive a carbon copy of the mail.

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