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Imperial Inquisition

In the glory days of the Empire, the Emperor was having problems with people being unable to connect to his mentality. He decided to handpick the best of the best torturers, murderers, and sadists he could find, and tell them to find those committing crimes against his legacy and punish them until they confessed to the crimes, so that he might interview them, and find out why they didn't like him. Unfortunately, the project was massively under-budget, after the amount of inept guards that Darth Vader had fried who reported to him. From it came a small tight-knit group of cutthroats and mercenaries who were poorly equipped for their job, but had skill, intuition, and an unshakeable devotion to the Emperor.

The newly dubbed Imperial Inquisition went out, and ruthlessly found people near and far, and tortured them with diverse methods. The people were shaken by this new terror, and people went to confess their sins in droves. The Emperor grew tired of these testimonies quickly, and decided that the Imperial Inquisition should only torture those who failed to expect them. The Inquisition quickly changed its orders, and became bored even more quickly. The Emperor had underestimated the number of people suspecting some kind of Imperial Inquisition greatly. The Inquisition used this newfound boredom to their own agenda, to eliminate those who openly dissented to the Emperor's rule.

The Inquisition, slowly and quietly, faded into obscurity among hundreds of thousands of pages in the Emperor's personal files. The Inquisition's leadership was killed, arrested for flagrant use of the word "cheese," or otherwise indisposed, and was replaced many times by even more inept leaders each time. Now it is beyond the Battle of Yavin. The Emperor has passed management of the Inquisition into their own control. The more capable members in the lower ranks quickly succeeded the inept leaders. No longer in the direct service of the Emperor, they maintain their almost fanatical devotion to his legacy. They continue to surprise victims, using fear as prescribed by the Tarkin doctrine. They still are ruthlessly efficient. They are even known to wear nice cardinal red uniforms. They are still alive, hunting. Beware the Inquisition.

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