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Guardians of the Rebellion

It is a time of chaotic struggles for supremacy within the galaxy between the three major powers: Rebel, Neutral, and Imperial. While the Neutrals work quietly behind the scenes, the main power bid happens between the Rebellion and the Galactic Empire. The Rebellion against the Empire began very quickly, gaining the support of several renowned freedom fighters who took the action the Empire and quickly annihilated anything in their way. Seeing that their deeds were accomplished and good, they then settled back into the civilian life and gave the reins of the Rebellion to diplomats who could manage the fragile alliance.

During the past few years, the Imperials have been gaining support from various sources and are now poised for a return fight! Their recruitment centers are swelling with all races, sexes, and guild types, ready to make their move against the now-peaceful Rebel Alliance. The Rebels have been widely ignorant of this and have not noticed that it was too late until the last moment. Now their security forces are being battered and bruised across the wide galaxy, unable to stop this new Imperial menace.

Several key Rebel Alliance Security Forces members have convened together to form a new protection agency, the very tool that might just keep the Rebellion alive during these troubled times. They call themselves the Guardians of the Rebellion, created to protect and serve the Rebel public. They have formed a small splinter group inside the Imperial-aligned Crseih Station, awaiting to strike the Imperials where it will hurt the most.

The days of the Galactic Empire's oppression is over. Peace will reign for the Republic, and woe to their enemies...

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