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During the battle of Hoth several of the forces defending Hoth were forced to evacuate the planet. A small group of freighters and transports were pursued by part of the Imperial Fleet and could not meet at the rally point. Their escape attempts lead them into the Eichbaum sector and forced them to land. After the small force landed, their ships were so badly damaged that they could not launch without taking the time to make repairs. The Imperial Fleet sent a landing force to the planet's surface in an attempt to destroy the beleaguered Rebel force. The rebels were able to fight off the Imperials and make the repairs they needed. Now that it was not confined to the planet's surface they decided to attack Imperial forces in the area.

After a number of victorious battles, they were able to obtain the equipment they needed to form a group called the ConFederation.

After the group formed, they met a rebel scouting squad and quickly returned to their companions. After seeing the damage they had done on and around Eichbaum, the Rebels immediately made them an official and elite strike team that quickly became famous for their hit and run strikes against the Imperial Fleet.

Their top fighter squad, Alpha Wing, became feared throughout space, and forced the Empire put heavy escort on their supply routes in order to defend them.

The mission of the ConFederation is to make hit and run strikes on the Imperial Fleet, as well as to mount search and rescue operations and to support any rebel in need.

It has been almost two years since the ConFederation was formed and they have had many victories and many losses, but they will win the war and peace will be restored to the galaxy.

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