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Syntax: juryrig (ship) (outside component)
         or: juryrig (ship) (bridge or turret component)

This skill allows a smuggler to significantly boost the performance of his chosen vessel. The boost given by jury rig exceeds those given by other, safer methods. The downside of this, however, is that while operating the ship, the smuggler may experience the 'Millenium Falcon Effect'. Systems working beyond the recommended safe boundaries will occasionally break without warning while in use.

This skill can only be used on freighters unless the smuggler doing the jury-rigging is a level 19 pilot as well, in which case his familiarity with ships allows him to jury rig anything that flies.

The following systems may be jury rigged:  shields   scanners   engine   fuel   weapon

Please note 'scanners' and 'weapon' must be selected inside the turret or bridge you want to rig. Everything else is rigged outside the ship. This skill requires a full toolbox and has a 5 minute delay.

This skill can not be done on Sluissi ships.

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