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Syntax: forge card into (choice)

A level 40+ HM smuggler can attempt to remake a ship security card into a forgery of another card. Choices of cards are as follows:

  • rodian passport
  • kessel id card
  • ds level access key
  • crseih access card
  • shuttle ticket
  • bespin hotel reservation
  • ds checkpoint pass
  • bespin security badge
  • af'el customs card
  • rodia hunting ground ticket
  • bespin smuggler pass
  • sluis access pass
  • carida access card
  • starport authorization pass
  • myrkr garrison badge
  • limited use cab card
  • cab card (primary smugglers only)

WARNING: Those still learning this skill have been known to botch the job so badly that the card will be useless as either a forgery or as ship security and will have to be trashed after the attempt.

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